Why does Gelivable reserve so many AG glasses before CNY ?

Gelivable reserved lots of AG raw material from US these days. The warehouse will be filled after CNY holiday. But Why? Why does Gelivable prepare the stock which cost million dollars ? For instance: To buy tickets ahead of time, or buy tickets at the airport The price is different Also, the availab [...]

Others disappeared during the global financial crisis of 2008, this brand started at that time

Gelivable® has started since 2008.Like almost of medium-size and small-size companies, the development proceeded circuitously. There is joy and sadness. Performance has peaked and has been at a low ebb Year 2018 is the first year that Gelivable started to know AG glass. At that time, it’s not a comp [...]

Warmly celebrated Gelivable CO., successfully registers the English trademark gelivable in the United States

October 25, 2017, Gelivable CO., ushers in a good news:  ShenZhen Gelivable Anti-Glare Glass Co.,Ltd gets the US trademark gelivable by the US Patent and Trademark Office and begins to take effect on the same day. The successful application of the United States trademark gelivable is another milesto [...]

Produce cover glass with unique selling point

Now in the glass manufacturing industry, especially for the small glass manufacturing enterprises, we must vigorously develop our own unique selling point, to survive in the global competition. What we need to develop a unique product are not expensive equipment and highly educated technical experts [...]