On 18th.Sep. 2017. The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Gelivable and EuropTec held at headquarters of Kanou Precision Group grandly. Hua Lv-Kanou’s CEO, Kurt J. Ruefenacht-EuropTec’s former CEO, Andy Ruefenacht-EuropTec’s CEO, Rex Chou-EuropTec’s asia representative,attended the conference.

Gelivable and EuropTec have started cooperation since 2014. The high fit push the two parties to work together promptly. Gelivable even switched product from the Japanese client who has been cooperated for many years. So far, raw material of AG glass are on the whole supplied by EuropTec USA exclusively . We’ve applied tempered AG glass to many high-end markets, for example: Banking device,Medical device, Aero&Aviation industry, smart home device,automotive,rail transportation.

With the widely used of AG glass and increased demand. The two parties began to discuss how to take full advantage of our’s resources, to further develop the high-end AG glass market and to carry out all-round, multi-perspective and close cooperation, thus, to promote the mutual development of the AG glass business.

After many close communications between the two sides, the two sides decided to open a strategic partnership. EuropTec designates Gelivable as its’ agent in Asia and provides raw materials development of AG glass and technical support. Gelivable also continues to use its own advantages to promote EuropTec AG anti-glare glass, and jointly creates a brand featured and competitive AG cover glass.

Auto industry is the focus of future development. With the deep cooperation between EuropTec and Gelivable, the two parties will jointly develop the further cooperation in auto sector continuously.

In addition, the two sides are actively studying the new market of etching AG glass cover glass, meanwhile, exploring and developing new materials, and taking a solid step for the future development of AG cover glass.

The two sides said that we both have long been expected for the cooperation. We believe that the prospect of AG glass will be broad and bright. We will join together to become the world’s leading anti-glare glass solutions provider and contribute to the world without any reflective screens.