Dear customers and friends / partners
How do you do !
This is Kanou.Lv form Kanou Group, the current chairman and general manager. I am very glad to be on behalf of all the company colleagues to give you greetings. and also very proud to tell you something about our little story ……

“Small amount, get it working to find Kanou Precison” is the most classic sentence which is the reason for our customers who choose us as cooperating partner.
Thank you for such a high evaluation on us.

To have it is hard to come by this evaluation. Start from the beginning of 2005, we have been rooted in high precision, Small volume, variety, short delivery of corporate positioning, struggle hard and be conscientious and do our best to make most difficult products.Going through many difficulties, and at the same time, we also lost a lot of great chance. it seems a very good development opportunities. All the way ,we have persevered in honor, duty, to handle all orders . Never be the slightest slack, even less to a product that we never give up producing.

From the Japanese market , the Chinese market, to the current market development in Europe and America, at every stage of our development are inseparable without our customer’s support and help. It is your chance offered to let us learn and grow more. You are our company’s God. You are , after all, the food provider for all our staff.

Special thanks also to Datong Magnet, Our first client in Precision Machining Department in 2005, and OKI, The first customer in Optinics and Electronic Department. These two business changed the fate of Kanou Precision. Specially the cooperation with OKI Group which bring Kanou Precision from the field of precision machining to a precision glass processing industry. these are never forgetable kindness for us !

Although we are very “small”, but there are ambitious and goals. In December 30, 2012, we organized outdoor activities for our staff, which provide opportunities for self-challenge and working. Also during that activities, all the colleagues make our company’s vision togheter : Building up the first brand in our industry..
Although the road is long, but all the colleagues ambitions are so moving, these are coverages converted at any time to motivate my team and me later for continuing to climb the peak!

There are many operational deficiencies aspects in the company’s , quality, delivery, cost and so on. there is still much place for growth. Drop enough to wear the stone. With ideas like this, we will make progress a little bit every day . With philosophy of never bringing trouble to our customer , We will optimize our management from every side to meet our customers’ requirement, And each adjustment must focus on the customer, even as small as a little piece identification stickers, we are to give customers the trouble of reducing to a minimum.

I believe in the management philosophy which is the most greatest managing man in Japan, Mr. Kazuo Inamori : Respect and love! With philosophy of making progress every day, to heighten
heighten, expand business, the company not only to become the ideal partner for our customers in mind, but also to become a staff dream platform chased.

This is, today i speak for Kanou Group.
I wish our customers good health, success, business is booming! I wish our cooperation more enjoyable symbiotic , wealthy and profits coming to double win !