Asahi Glass

1. Thickness: 0.2mm 0.55mm 0.7mm  1.1mm

2. features:  good transmittance, good toughness, competitive price

3. Processing range: From Ф5mm to 500*500mm

4. Processing technic: special shape cutting , at most 12 layers silk print , AF Coating , AR Coating , AG 

5. Applicable device: Wearable smart watch cover lens, wearable medical device cover lens, smart home device cover glass, access control device protective glass, eye recognition device protecting glass, fingerprint recognition device protecting glass,tracker protecting glass, luxury perfume box cover glass, plug protecting glass, banking signature device cover glass, Locker lock protective glass, industrial touch screen monitor cover glass, ATM cover glass, portable POS cover lens, PDA cover lens, metro ticket device cover glass.


6. Reasons to Choose Kanou to processA GC Glass for Wearable Medical Device

1. Abundant industry experience to give you best needs assessment and consultation, to provide trouble-shooting service, reducing your time cost at the maximum degree.
2.Various glass with diverse thickness, especially corning gorilla glass, one-stop solution service,
3.Due to the former 2 advantages, we can absolutely quote you competitive price to make your competitor lag behind you.
4.Strong ability to edit drawing, reducing your time and resolving your trouble
5.ISO2001:2008 quality control system and KANOU mature SOP to offer you double quality assurance, to reduce your maintenance cost
6.Punctual and fast delivery can support you make comprehensive business plan, you will be in head start to launch new products
7.Careful and tight package to reduce your time and money to pack again when you receive them: Each piece with double-sided electrostatic protective film, each package with PE vacuum bag, all packages are in wood composite board box with foam, no need of fumigation.
8.Fast and safe transportation partner to support you receive the products in good condition
9.Kanou will send you products tracking report in whole process to make you be informed at any time.
10.Strong ability of coordination to keep pace with your plan, to support you adjust your strategy to dominate market


7.Inspection equipment: stress test machine,static pressure test machine,spectrometer,two dimensional tester


a,Each piece is double-sided electrostatic protective film,

b.vacuum packed it with PE bag,

c.wood composite carton box is filled with foam to protect glass,no need of fumigation,finally,the packing is finished.