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Gevliable tells you how to test the hypotenuse of a cover glass

Today I received a customer inquiry. The customer wanted to have a blunt-edged 0.8mm edge on the bottom side of the glass. Seeing the drawings, the engineer Lee said why the hypotenuse is done in the back, this will result in the back of ink printing appears hollow situation, which is different from [...]

Which gloss is good for the anti-glare glass?

Etching anti-glare glass suppliers often encounter such problems: When mentioned the glaze, haze and other specific optical parameters, the customer can not provide a detailed request. There are many reasons for this. It’s the first time for the customers to use of AG anti-glare glass. The concepts, [...]

What factors are critical when specifying AG glass for your application?

Typical complaints Typical complaints from loosely specified AG glass implementations: •It looks too “foggy or milky” •Similar gloss values from varying suppliers “look” entirely different •The transmitted image is not clear •The AG causes the display to “twinkle or sparkle” •Too much resolution los [...]

AG glass & AR glass

When users operate your device outdoor or under the sun, do they feel hard to read the display? Or complain the experience? Does the environment consist of salt, acid, sand, solarization and rain etc,which does harm to your equipment?Faced with a lot of parameters such as gloss,haze has no idea?Are [...]