What does 0.2% matter?

We always set goals or promise something, such as: Annual Net Profit Target X US dollars, or qualification rate of delivery 99%, But in practice, people always feel satisfied when the goal is achieved around 90%, it results in that the goal can’t be achieved 100%.

8 years ago, A Japan company requested us to provide anti glare glasses, till now it’s around 200 thousands pieces. Today i felt honored to visit the Japan company -Minato. When i entered the conference room, their QC and purchasing were waiting for us. The yield status was list on the blackboard. We found out that the yield was increased greatly from 96% to 99.3% after we changed the material to Gelivable anti glare glass. Actually, 98% yield is hard to achieve for most glass factories. At that tiem , we were complacent because we achieved at 99.3%. But a word from the customer deeply hit me a slap.

He said: you ever promised the yield of new material would be 99.5%, why can’t you achieve? The scratch ratio accounts for 70%, why is it so high ? I thought that client was satisfied, there was not a big deal between 99.3% and 99.5%, we did good. But i felt shamed after client asked me these questions. In order to achieve the goal of 99.5%, i proposed a solution to minimize scratch. We will change the current packing method to vacuum package. Although this will increase the cost a little, it can lower 0.2% reject ratio.

Minato is not the only company who always has high standard requirements, there are many clients. Just because of client’s high demand, we’re becoming better every day. We all are grateful for clients’ trust and support.

Minato Website: http://www.minato.co.jp/