Gelivable® has started since 2008.Like almost of medium-size and small-size companies, the development proceeded circuitously. There is joy and sadness. Performance has peaked and has been at a low ebb
Year 2018 is the first year that Gelivable started to know AG glass. At that time, it’s not a company, just a division belonging to Kanou Precision.
The opportunity to know AG glass comes from solving the needs of customers.
In a casual conversation with Japanese client, Mr.Lv knew that client were looking for AG cover glass for ATM machine, but failed. Kanou precision didn’t do the business of cover glass. The impact of the 2008 financial crisis leads to the depressed market of precision machining parts. Kanou precision were seeking a new market. With this opportunity, Kanou begin to do the business of AG glass.

In the beginning, Kanou contacted the domestic supplier of AG cover glass.
From the east coastal to the middle of china, from southern to northern, Kanou almost visited every factories of this industry. All of them faced the same quality problem, that is, obvious surface article and uneven distribution. The glossy of some area is light, of other area is dark. The environment is not so good. No flow chart, no quality control standard.
Adhering to the experience of the Japanese market for many years, we know that no company can meet the requirement, we have to roll up our sleeves. The CEO of Kanou, Hua Lv stayed at plant for 3 months and developed hard to achieve the Japanese quality by means of controlling the basic production process and the quality control system to writing system documents. It not only ensure the quality, but also establish the trust on client that Kanou can try their best to achieve their requirement. On the whole, the AG glass that Kanou submitted was approved by Japanese client.
This is the first step that Kanou contacted cover glass. After that, Kanou started to understand other applications. Such as: gorilla glass for phone, medical device, smart home etc. and developed the market of cover glass. With the high demand of quality, Kanou won the client’s trust and order. Afterwards, Kanou set up optoelectronic department to develop the business of cover glass. During 2012-2014,this market grew badly, turnover has increased by 5-6 times.

It’s been 6 years since we contacted AG glass. In the past 6 years, although the AG glass for ATM has been produced all the time, with time passing by, the quality of domestic AG glass didn’t improve much. Especially raining season, the glass always get mouldy. The demand of Japanese client increased all the time. Even Kanou started the production 3 months in advance, the punctual lead time still can’t be solved. The storage environment of constant temperature and humidity doesn’t work. Using the protective film with stronger adhesion doesn’t work. Everyone tried their best to find out the solutions, but can’t solve them well. The lead time was closing, but the yield of glass is low and low, the mould situation wasn’t controlled well.
Kanou knew the AG glass from United States when all of them had no idea.
Mr Lv said“ it feels like that the time went back 6 years ago”when he contacted the AG glass for the first time. Compared to domestic AG glass, the American AG glass has a better performance on homogeneity, touch feeling and anti-glare, which are out of our expectation. Everyone feels excited when they contacted this AG glass. After continuous and further investigation, Kanou precision believes that this one is definitely the one that they’re always looking for. Meanwhile, Mr. Lv made a bold decision, that is, to switch all AG glass projects to US AG glass. Moreover, Optoelectronic department was named Gelivable Glass.

Why was it called “bold decision”, two reasons. The first is that no peer used this AG glass before, is there any potential issues? The second is the increased cost. Although the quality is much better than domestic AG glass, the cost increased much. Can the end user bear this part?
Indeed, Gelivable faced big pressure when persuading the client to switch the new material. Some clients chose to believe in them, some was waiting. In the meanwhile, the business of Gelivable declined greatly. Everyone felt the pressure deeply. But this didn’t affect their constant persistent
The light always needs to be accumulated. The cost of first batch of America AG glass is a little higher than domestic AG glass. The reasons are that the stable quality of raw material and high yield during production process.
In the spring of 2015, time entered the most worrying moment-raining season. Gelivable AG glass started to face its’ real challenge.
The accumulated 40 years’ experience has shown its’ advantage-better resolution, never peel off.
No mould!
No mould!
No mould!
It’s the moment of joy and tears for the production workers who have stuck 6 years. From that moment on, they began to feel at ease. Gelivable AG glass was finally accepted. The lead time was guaranteed. AG glasses are delivered to clients on time.
Till now, Gelivable AG glass has begun to be known by domestic and abroad clients. Gelivable is still moving forward, there may be big opportunity and challenge in future. The effort may be seen after another 10 years or 5 years. But there is no denying that the effort Gelivable ever made has been seen already.
The sunlight we saw was delivered 8 minutes ago, the light that Neptune reflects was delivered 4 hours ago. The light along the galaxy was delivered 76 thousand years ago. The light of farthest star is 13.9 billion years ago.
The shining that Huawei owned has been accumulated since 1987. Likewise, the status and honor that Gelivable has are the result of decade’s effort.
The decade carries a process of constant transformation.A decade accumulates the light of the day. The next decade may be even harder. But Gelivable takes a step by step, sticking to the tenacity of solid business, which will surely make it go further!