October 25, 2017, Gelivable CO., ushers in a good news:  ShenZhen Gelivable Anti-Glare Glass Co.,Ltd gets the US trademark gelivable by the US Patent and Trademark Office and begins to take effect on the same day.

The successful application of the United States trademark gelivable is another milestone of Gelivable CO., after it got the Chinese Chinese trademark in 2015. It marks the success to Gelivable in the implement of the brand strategy over the years which is significant for Gelivable. The successful application of the US trademark “Gelivable” further enhances the brand’s international reputation and competitiveness. Through the brand promotion, it can further enhance Gelivable’s international image, stimulate, promote sales, and lay a solid foundation in the future market. It’s favorable for the Geveliable’s manager team visits the Australian market in November.

The successful application of the” gelivable ” is not only a historic opportunity for Gelivable but also a challenge, because it means the first step of Gelivable builds excellent brand in the international market. Both the leadership and every employee of Gelivable should have more sense of responsibility and resilience, seek inscreasing perfection, provide better products and services for the vast number of consumers and partners. Promote brand value with good quality product. Shoulder the responsibility of international brands, and create “gelivable” to the benchmark brand in the cover glass industry!

“Gelivable” is recognized as a American registered trademark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It  has been protected by intellectual property rights. Without the permission of Gelivable CO.,, where the same commodity or similar goods use the same or similar trademark of Gelivable, belongs to the infringement, Gelivable CO., will pursuit its legal responsibility!