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How to produce the perfect integrated black gorilla glass for smart home display?

Recently, Gelivable received a inquiry about a 7 inch integrated black gorilla glass for German’s smart home display . The active area is translucent black . When the display is on, the contents will be read clearly; when the display is off, the gorilla glass and the OLED screen looks as a whole, th [...]

How to solve the problem of difficult printing on gorilla glass

  Our regular customer A77 placed a new order which requires complicated prints on custom gorilla glass. Shadow effect on glass ! Client provide us CAD drawing, but the white area and the shadow area are overlapped. It is difficult for naked eyes to distinguish. With such kind of drawing, neith [...]

Gelivable successfully plying-up 3M CR70 on AG cover glass

Upon Client’s request, Gelivable frequently further develops additional new technologies outside of the cover glass. As we successfully attached 3M glue on the AG cover glass, which are free from bubbles. Now, that how to plying-up 3M Crystalline insulation on AG cover glass is another new topic enc [...]

How To Stick Double Sided 3M Tape To Custom Gorilla Glass ?

How To Stick Double Sided 3M Tape To Custom Gorilla Glass ? A few days ago, Gelivable team received a new product drawing from a customer who required Gelivable to process cover plates using Gorilla glass of 2mm thickness. The Gorilla glass cover plates would be applied as touch screen for industria [...]