Custom gorilla glass for digital shower

Product information:
As the important part of digital shower control interface,cover glass not only protect the display screen, but also play a role of window between device and end-user. Display can be easy to control.

A. Corning gorilla glass has the better performance of scratch resistance and anti-impact.
B. Two holes, Φ48.5mm
C. CNC machines to shape the glass
D. Imported high quality ink, good apperance and strong adhesion
E. Meet Rohs & REACH

Do you notice ?
The light shines through transparent circle. Water temperature adjustment becomes a kind of visual enjoyment.

We advise:
Please inspect and assemble in dust-free room once it’s open, use the clean gloves to avoid glass smudge.

1.Cover glass
2.Static-free PE protective film
3.Vacuum PE packing bag
4.Dust-free cloth
5.Dust-free gloves
6.Box or crate

Material: gorilla glass 2320
Thickness : 0.7mm
Dimension: 177*77mm
Surface harness: 9H
Drop ball test: 110g steel ball drop from 35meters, no crack
Thickness of ink layer: two layers 8-12um
Weight: 12.7g

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