Our regular customer A77 placed a new order which requires complicated prints on custom gorilla glass. Shadow effect on glass ! Client provide us CAD drawing, but the white area and the shadow area are overlapped. It is difficult for naked eyes to distinguish. With such kind of drawing, neither film nor printing is hard to complete.

How to show the customer’s requirement straightforward, and how to print the complicated designs on custom gorilla glass successfully, these are the problems we need to solve immediately .

Our team tried to note on the drawing, but it’s unclear to demarcate the white-print area and the shadow-print area. A plenty of numbers will increase the complexity of the drawing and enhance the difficulty on processing. We tried to make the drawing on the 3D view effect. Thus, the shadow print area will be shown obviously . But it’s inconvenient for workers to process custom gorilla glass.

Looking at the drawings, the team members are trying to think out new ways to solve the problem. Finally, an idea stroke the sales’ mind, when she saw the drawing is being circulated among the team members. Only with one paper, the staffs need to passing it along to share, if everybody has one , it will save time and energy. So did the drawings, if it can’t show the requirements obviously, why not divide into several parts ?

This idea is widely accepted. While how to decompose the drawing is another new problem. By processing or prints requirements? The difficulty lies in the printing process, we decided to make breakdown drawings according to print requirements. At the beginning, the white area and the shadow area are on one drawing, and other print areas are on another drawing. But it’s still hard to distinguish the lines between white area and shadows.

Later, the QC suggested to focus on decomposing the shadow area and non shadow area. So we divided the client’s drawing into 3 pieces, the first is for shadow area, the second is for non shadow, the third is complete printing effect.

How to draw ? It’s not easy to make the 3 pieces of drawings and mark the shadows with others. But problems never stop the Gelivable team. Finally, they are finished jointly with technical department. The process requirements and print effect were clear . It not only improved the feasibility but also reduced the risk of wrong printing. The final custom gorilla glasses are with amazing prints and delivered to client within 15 days. Meanwhile, client entrust us to provide another custom gorilla glass.