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Custom AG Glass For ATM Machine

Customized Anti-Glare Glass for ATM Displays

Product information Summary: Cover glass not only protect the displays, but also the window between device and customers.Using gelivable anti-glare glass, users not only read the displays easily but also protect eyes. ←Comparison of AG glass on ATM machine ←Drop ball test of AG glass on ATM machine [...]

Gelivable is the leading brand of anti-glare glass for ATM touch screen

The acculumated anti-glare cover glass we have produced for ATM machine is around 150kpcs since 2009. They are exported to OKI Japan and apply as screen protector on ATM machine all over the world. We can’t believe that we have produced so many anti-glare glass for ATM machine within 6 years until w [...]

What shall we do ? Clients wander between the cost and quality of AG glass.

The overall quality level has increased by 2 times, the reject ratio reduce by 60~80%.The time cost of dealing with rejects of QA and purchasing will be reduced by 30%. There is possibility to cancel the full inspection process. Labor costs is saved about 15~20%. Are you willing to adopt the new pro [...]