Did you ever experience the “paper-touch”feeling of AG glass ?

Nowadays, more and more smart terminal devices enter our daily life, such as smart home, wearable smart device etc. What do you expect when you’re interacting with them? “Paper-touch” must make you happy.

Let me show you two application scenarios:
1. Financial industry: When you withdraw cash or apply other service at bank-counter, the cashier request you to sign on a pad instead of receipts. This pad is equipped with AG cover glass which not only ensure the clarity, but also offer you “paper-touch” feeling.

2. Design industry: as a designer, sometimes you feel tired of working at workshop, you decide to look for inspiration in life. Someday, when you’re traveling, an terrific inspiration comes out. If there is a pad at hand, more exciting, it is assembled with AG cover glass, you can write down the excellent inspiration. It will record every details carefully, and respond your every action by rustling. Moreover, you can propose the solution efficiently and send to your team in time. Isn’t it very excited ?

Now, do you understand the “paper-touch” well ? We believe that you will note the “paper-touch”feeling if you’re always trying to improve the user experience. Meanwhile, we advise you to contact Gelivable to get a free AG glass sample before you make the final decision. Because not every AG glass supplier can produce the glass with “paper touch”. We’ve been striven for 40 years.

The surface roughness decides the feeling of “paper-touch”. It includes the stability of particle’s depth, width, size, besides, the surface even is very important. Roughness is one of the important factors to judge the level of AG glass treatment technology. Gelivable use automatic production line and adopt the chemical etched treatment technology. It changes the glass surface and solve the reflection and glare issues effectively. What’s more, the 40 years experience of advanced etched technology control the roughness well. Gelivable take the roughness into management items in production. Seldom suppliers have the confidence to promise the roughness with you, But Gelivable do.

A.Are you striving for improving user experience?
B.Are you looking for reliable screen protector ?
C.Are you interested in making users fall in love with your products and enjoy the surprise ?
Gelivable suggest strongly that you choose AG glass with “paper-touch” feeling, we are dedicated to improve users experience for many years.