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Others disappeared during the global financial crisis of 2008, this brand started at that time

Gelivable® has started since 2008.Like almost of medium-size and small-size companies, the development proceeded circuitously. There is joy and sadness. Performance has peaked and has been at a low ebb Year 2018 is the first year that Gelivable started to know AG glass. At that time, it’s not a comp [...]

What does 0.2% matter?

What does 0.2% matter? We always set goals or promise something, such as: Annual Net Profit Target X US dollars, or qualification rate of delivery 99%, But in practice, people always feel satisfied when the goal is achieved around 90%, it results in that the goal can’t be achieved 100%. 8 years ago, [...]

How does Gelivable produce the AG glass with “paper-touch”feeling?

Did you ever experience the "paper-touch"feeling of AG glass ? Nowadays, more and more smart terminal devices enter our daily life, such as smart home, wearable smart device etc. What do you expect when you’re interacting with them? “Paper-touch” must make you happy. Let me show you two application [...]

Why Does Gelivable Anti Glare Glass Claim Of Never Peeling Off ?

Why does Gelivable anti glare glass claim of never peeling off ? AG Glass is basically divided into three types depending on the process: chemical etching AG, spraying AG, AG coating. Do you know which one has the best durability? Let’s discuss the spraying AG glass first. As the name suggests spray [...]