Upon Client’s request, Gelivable frequently further develops additional new technologies outside of the cover glass. As we successfully attached 3M glue on the AG cover glass, which are free from bubbles. Now, that how to plying-up 3M Crystalline insulation on AG cover glass is another new topic encountered by Gelivable team.

The new order requires a 1.2m long Gelivable AG cover glass, designed for display panel for subways in Europe and the United States, which requires physical tempering and attaching insulation film on the surface. For the AG cover glass, we have rich experience in large size processing, and we are also full of confidence with physical tempering. Whereas, attaching 3M insulation film is a new challenge for us.

3M Crystalline insulation film Gelivable AG cover glass subway

In the sample preparation stage, we encountered two problems:

First, where to buy the 3M CR70?

3M agents are volume sales, but we just need a little sample. And the customers also specify the models: 3M CR 70.

Second, how to attach 3M CR70 on AG cover glass?

We didn’t contact this material before, and there is no ready-made equipment, we have to attach by hand . And this AG cover glass is with printing, with a step between visual area and printing area. When attaching, workers should spray water on glass before pasting, but water where steps are can’t be discharged completely, the water will remain between glass and insulation film, it will result in bubble and white mark after drying, thus the AG cover glass will be judged to be defects.

Soon, we received the customer’s evaluation: the case would soon enter the process of mass production stage. Then how should we solve the problem of attaching the 3M Crystalline insulation film during this stage. First, how to cut the volume insulation film? In department colleagues’ effort, we found a more reliable cutting factory finally. Second, how should we attach the insulation film on the Anti-Glare cover glass? Although the car beauty shop could help to fit, our AG cover glass needs a higher requirement working environment than the automotive glass, that is to say, as clear as the dust-free room. So, we decide to hire the master to paste in our dust-free room and request experienced colleagues to complete the late work.


Gelivable is successfully plying-up 3M Crystalline insulation film on AG glass

When this case was team pricing, we Gelivable wrote down several solutions with a few pages of paper. And finally we picked up a reliable one and submitted the order for fulfillment. During the pilot stage, we also found out a new tip to decreases the loss of the insulation film by removing the 3M LOGO, which enlarged the usable area of the insulation film and helped to cut down clients’ a lot of expenditures. If you are in demand of double side adhesive tape or insulation film on AG cover glass, please contact us. We will offer you better solutions based on our accumulated experience in production of cover glass.