On 22th. Aug. The day before “Tian Ge” typhoon hit shenzhen. Two partners across the ocean visited Kanou.
We started cooperation in 2014. How time flies, 3years passed. Our business cooperation started with a small sample order and come into mass production. The types of supply expanded from one item to 8 items.
Email+phone is the common way to communicate between us. This is the first time that we meet each other. In the large and small business cooperation, will always meet the episode of big or small, whenever this time, they always show the absolute understanding and trust to us, it let our team members are deeply grateful. Therefore, we are full of expectation for the visit.

We, CEO-Hua Lv, Engineer-Mr.Lee and i participated in customer reception. We took the client to visit the processing workshop of cover glass and help them to know the whole process and the related technology. During the visit, client raised some questions about glass processing, they are very professional.

After visiting the factory, we also talked with the customer about how to deepen the cooperation and how to develop the local market more closely. After all, we have established precious mutual trust.
The cover glasses that Kanou provided are mainly used in the following industries: industrial control panels, medical equipment, automotive displays, military display, marine display and transportation equipment, etc. The active industries of client’s local market are mining and medical equipment, but the mining industry at present mainly adopts plastic products, so we set medical equipment as target industry.
In order to support customer to develop the local market,we reached an agreement, Kanou will provide all kinds of glass samples, moreover,we will make travel arrangements to the destination as soon as possible, to develop the local market with them together.
This is a very good opportunity for us, if it is suitable for our products, we can apply it to other markets.