Custom gorilla glass for haze tester

Product information

As the important part of smart testing device,cover glass not only protects the display screen,but also plays a role of window between device and end-user. Display can be easily seen by users, and easy to control.


A. Corning gorilla glass has the better performance of scratch resistance and anti-impact.
B. Window area with fine IR print, looks very high-end.
C. AF coating,easy to wipe the fingerprint and smudge.
D. 2.5D process of edge, fit with casing perfect, good touch.
E. CNC machines to shape the glass
F. Imported high quality ink, good apperance and strong adhesion
G. Meet Rohs & REACH


Do you notice ?
When device is off, whole display is black,when the device is lit up, display is easy to see.


We advise:
Please inspect and assemble in dust-free room once it’s open, use the clean gloves to avoid glass smudge.


1.Cover glass
2.Static-free PE protective film
3.Vacuum PE packing bag
4.Dust-free cloth
5.Dust-free gloves
6.Box or crate


Material: gorilla glass 2320
Thickness : 2.0mm
Dimension: 55*55mm
Surface harness: 9H
Drop ball test: 226g steel ball drop from 1.2meters, no crack
Transmissivity of window area: 15% at 550nm (size: 28*34mm)
AF coating: Angle of water drop 110±5°
Thickness of ink layer: two layers 8-12um
Weight: 12.7g


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